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Welcome to my Author Blog!

Hello fans!

I am so excited to be launching my author blog today.  This is the place where I will write about my books, about being an author, my new story line ideas, how Charlie has changed my life and what my dreams are.

I’ll also be telling you about the new projects I’m working on and anything else you care to hear about.

This is a photo of me right now.  Right this minute. This is where I am typing this blog post.  My hair is a mess, I’m wearing my comfy clothes and I’m surrounded by note books.


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Because I just got my manuscript back from my editor and it’s now time to make the changes to Book 9 so I can get it ready to be published.

The good news is that my editor loved the book and I don’t have to make any changes to the story line at all.  I just have to fix up a few commas, change a couple of words and look at the spacing.  Which makes me very happy.

What happens next?

Well next I give the manuscript to my copywriter(s) who go through it again to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or punctuation errors.  They also check to make sure I have the chapter headings correct and the page numbers are in order. That has happened before you know! Luckily we discovered the mistake before the books were printed.

So that is how I’m starting 2017 author life.

I can’t wait to share “Sharing the Love” with you.


What will it be about do you think?

I’ll give you a hint … there will  be plenty of paw prints.

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