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The testimonials have been flowing in from parents, children, book shop owners and librarians. Here is just a snippet of some of the messages we’ve received since launching the Cheer Chick Charlie series. 

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My daughter is loving your book series so much (we are up to number 3) and actually asks me to read with her in the evenings rather than me nag her to practice her reading! Kristy, WA

As a librarian I have quickly found that when our students read a Cheer Chick Charlie book, they come back for the rest of the series. Bernadette, School Librarian, ACT

Thank you for your books! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for creating books that are dyslexic friendly. Even the boys in my classroom read them because they are kind to dyslexic eyes. Primary school teacher, Australia.

Forget the kids. They already love Cheer Chick Charlie.  I think every parent should read these books! Beautiful stories with such great messages. Peggy, SA


Sally is reading your book by herself in my bed.  This is unheard of! Thank you for creating books that my girl actually wants to read. Anna F, Parent, NSW

I can’t stop reading the new Cheer Chick Charlie book. I am halfway through it and it is the best one yet. It is so interesting and I can’t wait until the next book comes out.  Juanita, aged 9, ACT

The Cheer Chick Charlie books are just beautiful. They cartwheel out our doors.  Felicity, Hooked on Books, NSW


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Firstly thank you, not only for encouraging reading but for helping give my daughter confidence at school where she has been bullied, your books have helped give her a healthy mindset, I am very grateful.  Nikki, mum.

My daughter loves the Cheer Chick Charlie series. LOVES! Please keep writing. Andrea T, parent.

Chloe is loving the books … and went back to cheer today after two years with soooo much more confidence and happiness! Keep doing what you are doing Cheer Chick Charlie.  Belinda, parent, ACT.


The books are so sweet and I learnt so many things about being a good cheerleader and role model. Cheer Coach Elyse, ACT (even “big kids” read Cheer Chick Charlie)

I have just received my pack of Cheer Chick Charlie books and wanted to tell you how happy and impressed I am with your product.  This happy, personal concept is so overdue in Australia with such delicate help to our children who need that little bit extra. I can’t salute you enough. Diane, parent, VIC.

My 7 year old loves the first book! I need to buy the whole series now. Stephanie, parent

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Indigo loves her new book! And especially the message behind it.  She had a rough night at cheer and was convinced she wasn’t ever going to get any better. She looked at her Cheer Chick Charlie wristband and knows she can believe “anything is possible”. xoxo 

We just received our Cheer Chick Charlie package in the mail. Wow! Even better than expected.  The books are beautiful. Thank you! Kelly, NSW.

We love the Cheer Chick Charlie books because they are really encouraging and enthusiasticJodi and Lara, TAS.


My daughter struggles to read as she has learning difficulties and is CHEER crazy and spent the weekend with her head in her Cheer Chick Charlie book and was so proud to read it all on the weekend while at her cheerleading competition. So from a mum, thank you so very much.  Carolyn, NSW

My 10 year old daughter is hooked on the Cheer Chick Charlie series and is so proud that her Mum has met the lovely and talented author.  Mary, ACT

These books help hundreds upon hundreds of kids to realise who and what they can become when they put their mind to it.  Don’t stop writing.  Mason, aged 11.

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Oh my gosh … I just received my Cheer Chick Charlie package and couldn’t be happier … each message is so inspiring and beautiful … these books will definitely be treasured in our family! Nat, parent, NSW

My daughter LOVES reading your books! Thank you so much. Our Charli now chases us to do her reading instead of the other way around. Natasha, NSW

I received the book in the mail today … thank you so much for posting it at short notice. My daughter is already 3/4 through and loving it so I’m sure you will hear from me again soon! Kelly, NSW


We love your books! The books are always out in the library at school.  The children just love them. Margaret-Mary, Health and PE Teacher, QLD.

As we snuggle up under the covers and read about Charlie and Gizmo’s adventures we giggle away the day and feel empowered to face the next. Thank you for your amazing books.  Tammie (mum) and Molly (aged 5)

Daddy has been reading the Cheer Chick Charlie book to her at night.  She’s loving it!!! Such a beautiful range with such important learning for young girls. Thank you again. xoxo Vicki (mum) and Ruby (aged 7)

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The books look amazing. I know Carlie will love them. Thanks for the fast postage and lovely communications.  Natalie.

Thanks so much for the extra care you put into my daughter’s order. The little organza bag is just cute.  Can’t wait for her to read the special message you wrote.  She is going to squeal with delight! Thank you again.  Melissa.

I love Charlie so much. She really feels like my best friend.  Clare, 9 years old.


My daughter always has her head in a Cheer Chick Charlie book. She just doesn’t put them down.  Please keep writing.  

My daughter Ellie begged me to get her the Cheer Chick Charlie books over 12 months ago … she has not looked back … she has gone from a little girl that was not confident … to being a different child with much confidence … thank you for your awesome dream that has made more than one little cheerleader happy …

The Cheer Chick Charlie series offers a great early learning experience with a feisty main character, engaging story lines and a very positive message. We are delighted to have Cheer Chick Charlie and friends as part of our range.  Ross, Mary Ryan’s Bookshop, Noosa, QLD

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This book is full of positive life lessons! They are the first books my daughter picks up for her reading challenge at school. Brenda, PA, USA

Charlie is at it again! Getting kids to read and teaching them how to figure things out on their own. Kids will connect with her and her friends. Highly recommend! Cathy B, PA, USA.

My daughter loves these books! She has been cheering for years and loves seeing how Charlie got into cheering. Janel.


I fell in love with this new author.  Her books touch the lives of little girls.  I highly recommend this series. Lori, PA, USA

Thank you for your wonderful books.  My own little Cheer Chick is 7 and they are one of her  most cherished items.  She has read all of the books multiple times.  Amy, VIC

I have introduced your series to two new children – both had little interest in reading and struggle quite a bit.  Since beginning the series both girls have made tremendous progress in their reading skill and their parents are delighted! Amy, VIC.


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I have read two of your books and cannot wait to read the rest. Rory, 10 years old.

We got the first book … my 7 year old could not put it down. These books are all she wants for Christmas. Samar, NSW

My 8 year old has gone from being a non-reader to now reading whilst walking through the supermarket. Her teacher is so impressed with her progress since the release of Cheer Chick Charlie book 6. She loves reading so much now! Thanks Cheer Chick Charlie. Sandy, ACT


I love it how your books encourage healthy eating so your body can be strong for exercise. Sarah

My daughter find school readers to be boring, but gets SO excited about reading Cheer Chick Charlie. As parents we find that the books convey messages that we want our girls to learn.  Sarah, QLD.

My son Corey has read all the Charlie books and likes Stunt Boy Ben. Thanks for making reading fun. Terri, WA

Thanks for creating such a positive role model in Charlie and for teaching kids they can achieve anything XO Vicki ACT

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