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Book 9: Sharing the Love

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Charlie gets more than she bargained for when a lost dog follows her home. So does Gizmo for that matter! Dogs and rabbits are not a good mix.

Charlie keeps on cheering through the chaos and flying fur as she and her family solve a mystery to help this lonely pet find his forever home.

It's not easy though. she and her brother learn that sometimes if you truly love something, you've got to let it go.

Join Charlie as she opens her home to a new fur friend and discovers that sharing can help the hear to grow.

Every paperback comes with matching motivational postcard and wristband when bought from this website.

Cheer Chick Charlie books are chapter books, each with 12 chapters and between 100-140 pages of 14 font text.  They are most suitable for 7-11 year old children but written in a way that surpasses age.  Parent feedback suggests that children aged 5-13 are getting a great deal of pleasure out of the Cheer Chick Charlie series. Books produced to be kind to children's eyes with particular attention to nurturing children with dyslexia.

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