Book 5: Bigger, Stronger, Braver

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Charlie has just returned from her very first cheerleading competition and she should be happy. But it's hard to be happy when her friend Ben is so sad.  The boys at school have been teasing him for being a cheerleader and now he wants to quit. Charlie makes it her mission to improve things for Ben, while recruiting a few new cheerleaders along the way! Join Charlie as she learns how to stunt, dances for the school, befriends a butterfly and learns that challenges really do make us bigger, stronger and braver in the end.

Book five is available in  paperback.  You can buy the paperback version from us or our US customers may like to  head to Amazon.

Every paperback comes with matching motivational postcard and wristband.

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The US English version will be available in eBook version for Kindle soon.


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