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Information for Parents

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If you’re looking for inspiring children’s books and merchandise with the ability to entertain and educate, then you’re in the right place. Cheer Chick Charlie™ has been created to entertain children through reading and on-line activities, as well as to help children absorb positive messages for good health, fitness, confidence and resilience.

An important part of the Cheer Chick Charlie™ experience is being able to communicate with Charlie via the author. Leanne will acknowledge all correspondence and gently encourage children forward. Leanne’s communication is safe and fun, but to contact her and Charlie parental permission is requested.

Another important part of the Cheer Chick Charlie™ experience is learning to create healthy snacks and meals that support the essential food groups. Charlie’s Super Snacks helps parents and children keep snacks healthy while adding an element of fun and creativity. Cheer Chick Charlie™ strongly encourages parental supervision when using kitchen appliances and utensils.

Cheer Chick Charlie™ is very big on keeping fit and she uses cheerleading, gentle strength training, stretching and dance to help children in their own homes. These exercises are compiled with space restrictions in mind and to allow for all skill levels. All cheerleading moves on the website are kept at a basic level. Children are encouraged to have adult supervision before attempting any tumbling or stunting. For a more challenging cheerleading experience you can your local cheerleading squad.  Parents are encouraged to ensure their children stretch before and after exercise to keep muscle strain to a minimum.

Cheer Chick Charlie™ is here to help kids with their confidence, resilience, health and fitness. Safe and fun play at Cheer Chick Charlie™ is our #1 priority. We encourage you to participate and monitor your child’s play on the Internet and to partner with us to help keep the Internet a safe and fun place to play. If you are concerned in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us at or write to Cheer Chick Charlie™, PO Box 903, Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia.


How to get your children excited about reading

Need some tips on how to get your children excited about reading? Download this free How to get children excited about reading Guide by author Leanne Shea Langdown.


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