We tried to interview Gizmo for this website, but we don’t understand rabbit speak so it was a bit hard. He appears to be a great listener though and he also likes to cuddle.

We noticed that he has a particular liking for lettuce and when we offered him some he ran down the hall with it and hid under Charlie’s bed. Which makes us think that perhaps he’s not supposed to eat it and he’s hiding it for later.
We also noticed he likes to chase the birds around the back yard and seems to enjoy chasing William as well. He appears to be more dog than rabbit.

He is very fond of Charlie and sleeps on her bed every night. He is also very fond of her teddy bear and they spend lots of time together.

Gizmo is an important member of the Chance family and features in all of the Cheer Chick Charlie books.
Be careful with your snacks though, because he’s a bit sneaky and tends to steal food off your plate if you leave it on low tables or on the floor.


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