Fruity Cheesy Spears

I love to create cheerific snacks and this month I have made Fruity Cheesy Spears. William wanted to call these hedgehogs, and I thought that they could be called echidnas because we live in Australia. It all got a bit complicated so we decided on Fruity Cheesy Spears instead. You can read all about them in book four.

If you want to make this cheerific creation, you will need to grab yourself a whole bunch of fruit. I have chosen all sorts of small berries, as well as strawberries, bananas, grapes and mandarins. Plus you need to get some tasty cheese slices and some tooth picks. Cut your cheese into little circles using a small cookie cutter or a medicine cup (and keep the scraps to put in Dad’s sandwich!)

Grab a tooth pick and thread on one cheese circle, then a slice of strawberry, a slice of banana, and a raspberry. On another tooth pick you can thread on a cheese circle, then a piece of mandarin, a slice of banana and half a grape. Do a whole bunch of them in any combination you like. Be sure to always add a cheese circle … because these are like smiley faces.

Once you have done a whole heap you can grab a mandarin (or an apple or orange) and stick your Fruity Cheese Sticks all over it to make it look like a hedgehog or echidna. It makes a great afternoon snack and your mum will love it because it has loads of fruit as well as dairy. Everybody’s happy :) It really is cheerific!

So fruity and also really cheesy :)

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