Hi there. I’m Mr Banks – Charlie’s dad.

I know absolutely nothing about cheerleading but I do know about working in an office and playing games with the kids on the weekends.

I am really good at cooking barbeques but not very good at cooking anything else. Let’s just say if I end up in the kitchen the smoke alarms normally go off. Luckily there are no smoke detectors outside where the barbeque is.
I’m also not very good at packing the school lunches. Charlie’s mum does that and when she’s working Charlie likes to do it.

I am however very good at playing tricks on the kids and I am also good at reading the newspaper.
Charlie seems to like her cheerleading which is great. Her Mum is enjoying it too.
William just likes living in his land of make believe which is kind of fun to watch.
Gizmo is another interesting character. I would have preferred a dog but I guess a rabbit who thinks he’s a dog is the next best thing.

Enjoy reading about our family adventures. I am very proud of Charlie and I love her energy and her spirit. She’s a great kid – I think you’ll like her too.

Charlie Father

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