Charlie Close Up


Hi there!

It’s me – Charlie.

I am ten years old and I live with my parents, my little brother William and my cuddly rabbit Gizmo. My favourite thing in the world is cheerleading and my second favourite thing is being with my friends.

I have two besties – Bella and Laura, and a bunch of other cool friends in my cheer squad. I love hanging out with my team mates, especially Stunt Boy Ben.

If you want to get to know me better, you can read my books, where we can go on all sorts of great adventures together.

Birthday: 4 September
BFFs: Bella and Laura
Favourite Foods: Cookies and milk; bananas; super snacks; vegetables
Pets: Gizmo the rabbit
School: Carter Primary School
Favourite Subject: English
Interests: Cheerleading, reading, writing, cooking, playing on the trampoline
Hopes: To be the best cheerleader ever!
Favourite Saying: What may not seem possible today, could be possible tomorrow

Don’t forget to look after each other! We all need cheerleaders in our life to keep us happy, health and energised.  We can be cheerleaders together! Come join in the fun.

Catch ya later!


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