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The Cheer Chick Charlie blog helps children learn more about Charlie and her friends. Plus you can hear what Author Leanne is up to and get to meet the Cheer Chicks.

Basketball Charlie and Ben
Learning to shoot hoops

The other day I was on a bike ride with Dad and William and I saw Ben shooting hoops at the basketball court near the lake.  I didn’t even know he lived near us! Since we’ve been doing cheerleading Ben has become good friends with Laura, Bella and me.  We don’t hang out in the…

Tulip Farm 2
Flowers, flowers and more flowers

There are flowers everywhere! My favourite flowers are sunflowers because they’re just so sunny! Laura loves orchids and Bella likes tulips. The other day mum took us to a tulip farm so we could take pictures in among the flowers. Bella was going crazy with her camera. I am sure she took over a hundred…

Picnic by the lake
Spring has sprung!

Oh my goodness! All these days filled with blue sky, butterflies, flowers and birds are making me really excited.  Spring is my second favourite season! My first is summer of course, on account of me being a surfer chick and all. I also like autumn because of all those coloured leaves.  I guess I like…

Sleep over
Sleep over time

I love my friends.  Bella and Laura are honestly the bestest friends any girl could ever have.  Last weekend they came to my house for a sleep over and we played on the trampoline, made ice cream sandwiches for dessert and created some new poms routines. Plus we did a heap of other fun stuff….

Up in the air

Sometimes I just like to lie on the grass and look up at the sky.  I can see all sorts of pictures in the clouds. I have seen clouds shaped like bunnies, ships, trees, flowers and I even saw a rocket ship the other day. While I am laying there I start to dream. I…

Snakes and ladders
Finding old Toys

William and I were really bored last weekend and because it was raining we couldn’t go outside.  We kept complaining to Mum about how we had nothing fun to play with.  Then she reminded us that we had a cupboard full of toys that we hadn’t played with in ages. I found so much great…

Capture Earth Day
Art and Earth Day

Wow, is it really May already? It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun. I have been doing loads of drawing and colouring lately. I really like to draw and I’ve even started framing some of my creations.  My favourite one is of a beach scene with a beach ball and umbrella.  I…

Capture Easter

Today I am writing in my diary while I sit on my bed. Gizmo, my rabbit, is sitting on my lap which is making it hard for me to type. I have nowhere to lean my laptop! We just had Easter which was really fun.  William and I got a bunch of eggs from the…

Cheer Training new floor
Meeting new people

I am writing in my diary today as I sit on the back deck watching the wild birds eat the bird seed. I have gizmo on my lap and he’s sleeping. He’s not at all interested in the birds or my diary.  He’s a very sleepy rabbit. The birds sure are beautiful! A cockatoo in…

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Back to school

Our summer holidays were way too short. I totally need another week off just to recover from all the cool holiday stuff I’ve been doing.  Last week we had a whole day at this pool where there were enormous water slides.  Running up those stairs twenty times sure did wear me out! The good thing…

Charlie Surfing
Happy New Year

Wow, our Christmas sure did go fast. We wait all year for it to happen and then suddenly it’s all over! I guess it’s true when they say we should treasure every moment of our life. Especially the really cool bits! I got a surfboard for Christmas this year which is just what I had…

Merry Christmas from Charlie

I can’t believe it is Christmas already.  What a great year it’s been! Today was my last day of school for six whole weeks. Now it’s time to enjoy the Aussie summer!  We’ll be spending heaps of time at the beach and hopefully I’ll get to do some surfing.  I’m also going to spend time…

Bella, Charlie and Laura
My Besties

I have two besties – Laura and Bella. When they’re not doing cheer with me Laura plays the drums and Bella practises to be an actress. Sometimes when I go to Bella’s house we pretend we are on TV and we video ourselves. We really like watching iCarly so we pretend we’re on the iCarly…

Charlie on Oval with team
My first competition

Oh my goodness. I can’t explain just how exciting it was to go to my first comp.  We had so much fun and we even got some trophies! Plus I got to catch up with my email buddy Jane.  It was great to see her. If you don’t know about our first comp yet, then…

Charlie at the beach
A trip to the beach

It’s full on excitement at my school as we get ready for our first cheerleading competition. I have butterflies and buzzing bees flying around my tummy. To keep my mind off it and to celebrate the warmer weather Mum and Dad took us to the coast for a weekend away. I practised my tumbles on…

Charlie and Friends Step Up Miami Heat
Special Talents

I really love cheer, but yesterday I had the worst training session ever. Mum had a dance teacher in to show us a whole bunch of new steps, but I just couldn’t learn it properly. I’m not as fast at learning as some of the other kids.  I was feeling really sad after our session,…

Charlie and friends at the park
Just hanging out

Here is a photo of Bella, Laura and me at the park in our training gear. You could buy a t-shirt and shorts just like mine!  If you’ve read book two you’d know by now that I have finally got my own cheer squad! Mum started one at the school which is super cool. There are…

Home from America

If you read book one you’d know that I went on the coolest holiday ever! We went to America where I met Jane, watched a huge cheer competition and went to Disneyland with my family. Since we got back from America I’ve spent loads of time with Bella and Laura who are my besties.  When…

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