Cheer Chick Charlie is the world’s newest children’s books series. These books are written to not only entertain children, but also to help them with their confidence, resilience, health and fitness.  They are books with a message!

The first book was released in June 2012 and there are now six titles in total. With over 4,000 books sold, the Charlie series is growing in popularity every month.

The intended 24 book series is about 10-year-old Charlie Chance who attends Carter Primary School with her best friends Laura, Bella and Ben. It is Charlie’s dream to become a cheerleader but there are no cheer teams in her community. With a whole lot of spirit, a big bunch of determination, and a little bit of help from the people around her, Charlie inches closer and closer to fulfilling her dreams, while going on a few life adventures along the way.

Follow Charlie’s journey as she cheers for sport and leads through life, encouraging children to all become cheerleaders for each other.

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