Ben Snip


Hi! My name is Ben.

Sometimes people call me Stunt Boy Ben because I like to do stunts and tumbles and other cool stuff at cheerleading.  I play basketball so I usually hang out with the basketball boys.  I’m also friends with Charlie because we’re in the same cheer team.

I used to do gymnastics and I’ve also played soccer.  I guess I just really enjoy all types of sports.

Here is some more information about me.

Birthday:  12 August
BFFs: Mike, Nick and Charlie
Favourite Foods: Cheese, popcorn, tacos.
Pets: Raymond the lizard
School: Carter Primary School
Favourite Subject: Sport
Interests: Cheerleading, basketball, skateboarding.
Hopes: To play basketball for Australia
Favourite Saying: It will all work out in the end.

To find out more you’d better read the books!

Bye for now.

Ben in Training Gear

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