Bella Close Up


Hi, I’m Bella.  I am one of Charlie’s best friends.  We’ve known each other since kindergarten which means we’ve been friends for a really long time.I love hanging out with Charlie and the gang because we just get on so well.  We are always there for each other and we know how to make each other happy if someone is feeling sad.

Here is some information about me.

Birthday:  7 November
BFFs: Laura and Charlie
Favourite Foods: Potato chips; apples; pasta.
Pets: Toby and Trixe the dogs
School: Carter Primary School
Favourite Subject: Art
Interests: Cheerleading, computer games, camping, drawing, TV
Hopes: To be an actress on stage
Favourite Saying:  If you believe it you will achieve it.

If you read the Cheer Chick Charlie books you’ll get to know me even better!


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