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Who is Cheer Chick Charlie?

First and foremost Charlie is a children’s book character. She is the best friend every little girl deserves. She is active, friendly, compassionate, spirited and supportive. But most of all, she inspires those around her to believe in themselves and trust their instincts and abilities.

She’s the friend you wished lived next door.

If you’re looking for inspiring children’s books and merchandise with the ability to entertain and educate, then you’re in the right place. Cheer Chick Charlie™ has been created to entertain children through reading and on-line activities, as well as to help children absorb positive messages for good health, fitness, confidence and resilience.

Each book has a specific message to assist children with all areas of their life.  The ability to absorb positive messages doesn’t have to end when the book is closed.  Each book can also be purchased as a gift pack with motivational postcard and wrist band reminding children of the message as they go through their every day.

Buy the books and read Charlie’s Diary to find out more about Charlie and her friends!

For more information on the Cheer Chick Charlie brand head to the Information for Parents page under the “Grown Ups” tab.


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